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We power photo enhanced maps for websites and apps.

Our Story

CEO Mike Lanza started thinking deeply about the quality of life and aesthetics of neighborhoods when he created Playborhood, a movement to make vibrant and livable neighborhoods for children and their families. Then, one day in late 2015, he grew increasingly frustrated searching for an Airbnb for his family's vacation in Amsterdam.  He found thousands of photos showing the insides of hundreds of apartments, but he wasn't thinking of going to Amsterdam to stay inside an apartment - he wanted to be out and about in the neighborhood.  Airbnb failed to show him the ambiance and feel of the immediate surroundings of every apartment he was considering, so they lost a sale.

That's when the idea for Streetography was born.

By late 2016, we had a full fledged iOS app, closely followed by Desktop and Android support.

That's when we thought bigger - how could Streetography go beyond great photos of places to empower business users and organizations?

We answered the call of photographers, urban planners and travel companies by introducing our Premium tier - now, our fully customizable maps are facilitating photography contests, increasing conversions, providing curated neighborhood tours, and so much more. 

 We're proud to be the coolest thing that's happening to maps right now.

Our Team

Mike Lanza CEO and Founder                                                

Mike Lanza

CEO and Founder                                                

Alexander Parshin Engineering Manager & Web Developer 

Alexander Parshin

Engineering Manager & Web Developer 

Cristian Crasneanu iOS/ Android Developer          

Cristian Crasneanu

iOS/ Android Developer          

Rohit Shetty Backend Developer

Rohit Shetty

Backend Developer

Konstantin Varik Backend Architect                         

Konstantin Varik

Backend Architect                         

Dimitri Strauneanu iOS/ Android Developer          

Dimitri Strauneanu

iOS/ Android Developer          

Nicholas Indiran GIS Intern

Nicholas Indiran

GIS Intern

Anna Tropnikova Director of Marketing & Web Designer

Anna Tropnikova

Director of Marketing & Web Designer


Our Advisers

Streetography is grateful for the support and insightful direction from our partners.

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Eran Steinberg

Seed Level Investor, External Board Member

Eran Steinberg is an Inventor, Intellectual Property Advisor, and certified US Patent and Trademark Office Agent with over 250 granted patents to date. As a fine art collector and in his role as Founder and CEO of FotoNation Inc., Eran developed a passion and critical eye for photography that counts.

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Matt Zito

Managing Partner, Incubator at Travel Startups Incubator

Investing in private and public companies since the late 90’s, Matt is the published author of “Trade IPOs Online,” featuring Matt’s 715% Internal Rate of Return on his investments and trades. His investment advice and commentary has been featured at CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and Bloomberg. Matt has successfully built and sold - the largest youth based ski travel agency in the U.S. - subsequently creating one of the largest travel industry networks of travel CEOs and entrepreneurs, leveraging his contacts to help portfolio companies gain traction through strategic partnerships and business development deals.