New Kid on the Block

Having spent three full months living near SF, I’m only starting to develop the confidence to venture into new parts of the city alone. It struck me the other day that I’ve never been to Haight-Ashbury - frankly embarrassing for any Bay Area citizen. I had an afternoon to kill, so I decided to try out the new app as an exploration guide to the well-known San Francisco gem in the hopes that I would look at least a little less like a tourist.

The first thing I needed to know was parking - where could I find it? I guessed that anywhere on Haight was probably a bad idea (those tourists!), but a couple blocks from the main street could work. 

After clicking on one of the photos, the "Block" description tells me where it was taken. This photo of seemingly endless parallel parking above was taken around Page and Lyon.

I found a spot just south of the intersection, less than a block from Haight and completely free of competition. I wandered to Lyon and Haight, and proceeded West.  I wondered if any streets had cool street art - Streetography answered with a firm “Yes.”

Again, according to the "Block" description on the above photo, I knew to keep my eyes peeled for when I cross Masonic. Though I found street art closer to Clayton instead, both my stop for food (Vegan Burg BLEW ME AWAY) and my best photograph did actually come from near the intersection of Haight and Masonic. Seeing that I could easily upload to the app’s interface, I thought “why not?” and gave it a try.

Though I don’t have any likes yet, I really wanted to see it become the “Photo of the Block” - so I just made sure the app’s “Latest” filter was applied:

Seeing my photo nestled between all these quality shots brought a smile to my face - I feel a little like a famous photographer.

My afternoon was well-spent, organized, and rewarding! I’m definitely using this app again to explore a new neighborhood. Stay tuned!

Anna Tropnikova