Streetography Adds Extensive International Map Support!

When Streetography was first published in the App Store just a few weeks ago, our mapping data only supported the US and Canada fully. Outside of these two countries, a Streetography user could only view Location mode - i.e. pins on a map.

Our map data for the boundaries of blocks, neighborhoods and cities come from three different sources. We create block data ourselves.  Blocks may seem easy to define, but we don't just create square blocks bounded on all sides by streets.  We create blocks that have cul de sacs inside them, have winding roads, and are bordered by water, highways, and parks.  We buy neighborhood data from a third party provider.  These are especially complicated because there are no official neighborhood designations - they emerge organically. Finally, we pull city data from public and government sources, and this is different for each country.   We pull all these three together for you.

So when using Streetography, if you encounter an alert that claims "This location is not supported yet," have faith - we are in the process of combining these different sources of data into one cohesive map. When a location finally has "full map support," this means that we have data for blocks, neighborhoods, and cities - and this particular country is ready for Streetographers to explore to the fullest!

Streetography is pleased to announce that we are soon extending full map support beyond the US and Canada to three countries: 

  • UK
  • France
  • Russia
  • Australia

We have extended partial map support - neighborhoods and blocks - to Ireland.

We have also added neighborhood data to major cities around the world!

We plan to add block and city data to six more countries before the end of the year:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany 
  • Mexico 
  • Spain
  • Italy 
  • Cuba

We're excited for our international streetographers to be able to utilize the app to the fullest, which is why we're working hard on releasing full map support to all of these countries.

Please give us a shout if you would like full Streetography support in your country!

Note that language (non-English) support will come at a later date. 

Mike Lanza