Streetography Collections gets an Upgrade

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Our beloved Collections interface is now easier and more intuitive to use. 

Love to take pictures of dogs in small towns? Obscure architecture across America? Interesting European beaches? Want to show those photos (and only those photos!) on a map, and get your friends in on contributing to your unique photo project?

Whether you're a professional photographer or just someone who likes to take photographs of cool places with your friends, Streetography's new Collections feature is indispensable for placing your group's photos on a map.

Create, add photos, invite new members, and otherwise administer a new Collection conveniently using our free app for iOS and Android - find out how below!

Or, fill out this form to get a unique URL to share with your friends so they can easily add photos from the comfort of their desktop.

Let geography and great photography unite!

How To Navigate, Add Photos, Create and Add Members to a new Collection

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Navigating Collections

1. Download our app if you haven't yet

2. From the default screen, tap Collections to search for an existing Collection (like, say, our Photo of the Month contests)

3. Click on the Collection in the search results, or choose from our Suggested Collections

4. Click Add to Collections List (Doing so will trigger you to log in if you haven't)

5. Navigate back to Collections and use the Drop down button to see the Collection you just added appear in your "Collections List"

4. Tap Photo Map to see your newly filtered Map display only the photos from that Collection

Note: if you're not seeing any photos on your map, try zooming out to maximum level.

Adding a Photo to a Collection 

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1. Tap round Camera icon

2. Take a photo (or choose from your camera roll or Instagram account or 500px account by tapping My Photos)

3. Do you want this Collection to be your Default? Choosing this feature will mean that every photo you take or upload from this point will automatically be uploaded to this Collection unless you choose otherwise. If this is desired, tap the checkmark.

4. Regardless of Step 3 - Tap Collection to choose which Collection to add your photo to

5. Hit Publish when done





Creating a Collection

1. Tap Collections

2. Tap Create

3. Here you'll have the chance to give your collection a cover photo, name and description. Optional - If your collective-to-be (or business/organization) has a website, you can put the URL for it here to be displayed with the description. You can also specify a default location for this Collection.

PS: You can later edit this new collection by tapping Collections, and then hitting the arrow on the right of that Collection's Name.

Inviting New Members

1. Tap Collections

3. Tap the arrow to the right of the Collection you'd like to add new members to under My Collections.

4. Tap on Members

5. Tap Invite People

6. Enable Streetography to access your contacts

7. Type in desired email address and hit Invite.

Joining/Following a Collection

1. Tap the Search Bar

2. Tap Collection

3. Search for the Collection you want to Join/Follow

4. Tap that Collection, then Add to Collections List


Inviting and adding new members automatically

Contact to get a special URL - using that link, just adding a new photo to the Collection through any desktop or mobile browser automatically adds the uploader to that Collection. 

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