Streetography's Photo Admin System

What to do when your business has innumerable photos of fantastic places that are collecting dust on the shelf?

Answer: create a Streetography Collection to make them easily accessible by visitors to your website.

Collections are curated groups of photos in Streetography, created and managed by a user. Having created a Collection, you'll have a personalized photo map that looks a little like this:


Use the Streetography Photo Admin System to easily manage the photos of your Collection in bulk.

Overall view.png

Crowdsource Geotagging

Let your customers specify which block exactly goes where. When you upload to Streetography, you'll have the power of both your team and our daily users to help you make sure every photo's coordinates are spot-on.

Come back and Edit Anytime

Not happy with a group of photos? No problem. Multiple photos are at your finger tips to edit descriptions or delete and start fresh.

Search by Description.png

Search by description

If we're pulling your photos from another social media source, your descriptions about each one will be dutifully honored. Now you can find that exact photo you're looking for with an easy keyword search.  

How to Get Started

First, create a new Collection (here's a thorough How-To), uploading photos to it using either our app or desktop widget.

You must have more than one photo to take advantage of our bulk processing.

All done?