Streetography Premium

Whether you're a business, photographer, or casual user, our tools will help you bridge the gap between photo management and geography.

Build It 

with Streetography Collections (2).gif

Anyone is welcome to use our mobile app (iOS/Android) to upload as many photos as they'd like, but they'll only be able to sort them by User name.

You can see Steve's photos, or Jen's - but what if you'd like to see the photos of the entire group of photographers that Steve and Jen belong to?

For that, and all our other business owners' needs, Streetography created Collections.

Any user can become a power user by starting their own Collection with the Streetography app. 

monitor It

through Streetography's Photo Manager

Overall view square.png
Overall view sml.png

Collections can be managed using the Photo Manager.

The Photo Manager is a desktop client that makes bulk editing a breeze - it's also the place to manage the location of multiple photos.

Once you have an account with Streetography, you also unlock the ability to manage it powerfully and efficiently.

Show It

with the Streetography Widget

Once you've perfected your Collection, it's ready to go on your website, in your newsletter, on printed flyers - anywhere you might see a map.

All it takes is a snippet of code we provide for you to have your very own Streetography widget - an embedded map of your or your organization's photos, ready for your customer to enjoy in the context of geography.

So ditch a boring Google Map and implement a radical new way forward in mapping technology.